For NDC 2017 we presented two lectures and one lightning speech. In good Computas spirit, we want to share our knowledge with those around us! Whether you did not get to participate last year, did not see our contributions, or just need inspiration for this year’s lecture, you can find them in this blogpost.

Magnus Stuhr and Ståle Heitmann

Multi-container applications with .NET Core on Kubernetes

Cloud computing has radically changed the way we look at software development, and it is now easier than ever to use PaaS to ship applications to production. However, building multi-container applications, setting up the necessary cloud components, and dealing with management of application secrets can be a consuming job.

This presentation will show how Hafslund effortlessly solve these challenges by building multi-container applications with .NET Core, Docker Compose and Docker Swarm, encrypting application secrets with the Moonshine framework, scripting Azure environments with the Lunaform framework, and how all of it are shipped to production in no time with Kubernetes.
Multi-container applications with .NET Core on Kubernetes – Magnus Stuhr & Ståle Heitmann from NDC Conferences on Vimeo.
Ståle Heitmann (Senior Developer at Hafslund ASA, former employee of Computas).

Jonas Winje and Einar W. Høst

Live Lambda Calculus

You might know that the lambda calculus is the theoretical foundation for all functional programming languages – but what is it really, and how does it work? In this talk, we’ll bring the theory to life! Using F# and the fparsec library, we will write a working lambda calculus interpreter from scratch. We’ll even have time left to demonstrate how we can use it to do something useful, like adding numbers!

Live Lambda Calculus – Einar W. Høst & Jonas Winje from NDC Conferences on Vimeo.

Einar W. Høst (Principal Engineer at NRK, former employee of Computas).


Filip Van Laenen

Become an SVG Architect, not a PowerPoint Architect!

So you finally made it into being an architect, but you find yourself becoming one of those dreaded PowerPoint architects. What can you do to avoid that? Simple: become an SVG architect!SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) is an open format and part of HTML5. Therefore, nobody has an excuse to tell you they can’t view your diagrams. But working with SVG is fun, not in the least because it’s still a little bit technical. If you want to, you can actually dive into the XML source file and fix things there.But SVG offers you also a lot more possibilities than a traditional drawing tool will give you. There are e.g. open libraries on the Internet where you can find all sorts of shapes, icons and maps. But maybe most important: it’s easy to create your own color palette and add your own style to a drawing, so that it doesn’t look so “PowerPointy”.
Become an SVG Architect, not a PowerPoint Architect! – Filip van Laenen from NDC Conferences on Vimeo
We have also made a podcast (in Norwegian) about NDC 2017! In this podcast, Rustam Mehmandarov, Hans Morten Smines and myself speak about NDC, highlights and the lectures of our employees. You can find it here!

Om Filip Van Laenen

Filip er en meget erfaren arkitekt og rådgiver som har jobbet med et bredt spekter av arkitekturmessige problemstillinger. Han er en av våre fremste teknologiske rådgivere og leder for teknologiske forum, et rådgivningsorgan for Computas` linje- og prosjektorganisasjon.

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